About Huntington Youth Bureau

  The Huntington Youth Bureau Youth Development Research Institute, Inc. (The Institute) is a community based, non-profit corporation. The Institute was established in 1979, and has as its primary goal the creation, promotion and implementation of programs and services, which stresses youth development and meets the expressed and demonstrated needs of youth and their families in the Town of Huntington. Our projects include: Huntington Drug and Alcohol Services, a comprehensive drug and alcohol counseling/education and prevention project; Excel, the quintessential youth development project, offering youth opportunities for service to the community, employment and employability skills development, tutoring, GED, training in the creative arts, college prep, a theater arts and improvisational drama program, leading to pride, self discovery and self expression as well as the chance to work together in intergenerational programs that serve the community; Youth Court, training youth to be the lawyers, judges, jurors in a court for, of and by youth; and Sanctuary, a program which offers prevention services, crisis intervention and counseling for youth who are presently, or at-risk of becoming, runaways or homeless.


  In addition to The Institute projects, the Huntington Youth Bureau system includes three neighborhood-based community and youth agencies (CYAs). These CYAs (Tri Community and Youth Agency, Youth Directions and Alternatives, and REACH Community and Youth Agency) provide a broad spectrum of services, ranging from counseling to after-school, weekend and summer cultural and recreational activities. Each CYA is a non-profit community-based organization, overseen by a Board of Directors that is composed of both youth and adults and represents the diverse needs, cultures and interests of the community.


Contact Huntington Youth Bureau

For further information about any of our programs and services or to make a commitment to youth by volunteering your time or to make a donation please contact us at:


Huntington Youth Bureau
Youth Development Research Institute, Inc.

423 Park Avenue
Huntington, New York 11743
Phone: (631) 351 - 3061
Fax: (631) 271 - 1360
E-mail: info@HuntingtonYouthBureau.org
Call Our 24-hour Hotline: (631) 549-8700


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